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full name kristin tabitha tremaine date of birth july 14, 1972 + 44 place of birth beverly hills, ca residence new york city, ny
& los angeles, ca
education school of hard knocks relationship status serial dater

All of the kids in Kristin Tremaine's class had her mother's fitness tapes. All of them. It was awkward and weird and there wasn't a month that went by without someone bringing up the fact that they owned a copy of one of the twenty-five different versions of "Valerie Tremaine's Workout". Not only was that lovely reminder obnoxious, but it would be great for her future self-esteem when constantly compared to her mother's multi-million dollar thigh-toning empire. The Tremaines grew up in Beverly Hills, living off of her mother's fitness fortune while her father remained one of Hollywood's go-to lawyers for contract troubles and on-set headaches. He was notorious for working with the cast of Diff'rent Strokes until his death in 1980, when Kristin was just eight years old. It was just the two Tremaine women, conquering the world together, one jazz square at a time. It gave Kristin this empowering (and some men would call off-putting) sense of independence knowing that she could do things in the world without a man to help her. Two badass gals, walking the red carpet and celebrating as her mother got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Once Kristin decided she wanted to be an actress, whatever normal life the two had was over. Valerie was too busy with her own career to really worry about Kristin's and signed off on her first movie when she was just about to turn seventeen. They worked around her schedule because she wasn't legally an adult, and it wasn't until Tim Burton's latest creation that she would finally be allowed to work those long and tiring days she was too desperate for. The first few years of her stardom are like a magnificent blur, back when she didn't think anyone would care that much about what she thought at the time so she didn't take the time to really remember the finer details.

media perception + random facts

from the late 90's well into the mid 00's kristin was idolized as america's sweetheart. early on she kept her nose clean, but being the 90's and freshly independent, kristin did just about whatever she wanted to do. she had a slew of a-list boyfriends that the tabloids gobbled up, producing stories left and right about what their relationship was really like. currently the media doesn't really know what to do with her because her personal life is so locked, so they let her float on the b list. if there's an event that supports lgbt rights in the same city that she's in she'll be there in a heartbeat and she'll go on a random three day long twitter binge then won't touch it again until the next award show.

random facts » was slowly fading from relevancy after walk the line and fired her agent of 19 years on a whim because she was done being a puppet, has called her own shots ever since
» had a break for "exhaustion" in 2012, citing lack of material that interested her and traveled the world as she saw fit.
» smokes cigarettes because "pot makes her too sleepy".
» did her fair share of coke in her day and still think that she can hang with the best of them. » lives in a lavish apartment in tribeca and only goes to los angeles when she has to for work.

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